Africa and I
Here’s the sweet-older style I like.

Here’s the sweet-older style I like.

Trains and Gabs

Feel like blogging today. Don’t know why, maybe its because my roommate is so I feel I should.

Just returned this weekend from a week long trip to Muan in the north. That’s the delta region for all of you who don’t know. Was awesome, but that’s not really what I want to blog about?

I’d rather blog about my interest in trains for now. There’s one train line that runs thru Gaborone and the station is in Rail Station at Rail Station Mall. I tried to take pictures of them, but I was told twice not to. Well the first time I was told not to stop on the bridge and the second I was told by a nice Ma that I have to ask permission to flick them, which I shortly did and receive permission.

I’ve only seen one conductor, its blue. Some of the cars are half-sized and carry some kind of rocks or something. The others are just cargo crates like back home. What I’m interested in is the sweet, older looking carts that I’ve seen loaded by workers. I wana flick them loading and unloading it actually.

There’s also a train station there but it is currently out of service. There was once also a restaurant at the station. That would have been nice to enjoy. I can picture it in my head now, seeing myself depart the train, set down my luggage, and enjoy a nice hot meal. Reminds me of a novel actually.

On my way back from Maun, I noticed the train tracks running from Gaborone to around Pakalne where I first noticed it. There’s also a ton of hills (small mt’s) surrounding the tracks, which I think would make an awesome picture. I really want to shoot that spot really bad.